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Ribbed walls in bedrooms

Good sleep is important for our health. With ribbed walls from Wall Ribbon in your bedroom, you will be able to sleep better. The sound-absorbing properties make the bedroom feel much quieter. The unique construction where slats are placed on an underlying acoustic blanket means that the ribbed wall walls can be varied in appearance to suit all interior styles.

Bright or charmingly gloomy?

Whatever style you decide upon, the look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used. If you want a modern feel in the bedroom, where perhaps light wood floors with light cushions coexist, you probably want to choose slatted walls with light wood and a light acoustic blanket. But there are also ribbed walls for those who want to capture more subdued tones in the bedroom. Do you have dark curtains and muted rustic furniture? Then maybe it’s a good idea to choose treated oak, or why not ribbed walls that are reminiscent of stone and cement? Regardless, it is a good idea to carefully look over the range and choose the slatted walls that you think will fit best in your bedroom.

Many options

Where to place your ribbed walls is something that is entirely up to you. The ribbed walls can be described as a module that you can adapt to your wishes. Some choose to leave the panels only on a limited part of a wall, while others choose to let all walls be covered by ribbed walls. In addition, it works fine to install slatted walls in the ceiling. So you have great opportunities to get your bedroom exactly the way you want it, and at the same time be able to sleep extra well thanks to the sound-absorbing properties.

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